Yaki Nori (Sushi Sheets) 50pk


Thin, premium nori seaweed sheets for sushi making. Easy to roll and perfect for homemade sushi creations. Elevate your sushi game with Hanabi.

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Hanabi Sushi Sheets are thin, delicate, and expertly crafted seaweed sheets designed specifically for sushi preparation. Made from premium quality nori seaweed, Hanabi Sushi Sheets offer a crisp texture and authentic taste that perfectly complements sushi rice and fillings. These sheets are ideal for rolling sushi rolls, creating maki, or wrapping around rice balls for a convenient and delicious snack. With their superior quality and ease of use, Hanabi Sushi Sheets make it simple to create restaurant-quality sushi at home or in a professional kitchen. Elevate your sushi experience with Hanabi Sushi Sheets.

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Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 6 cm


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