DATED: Laucke GF Bread Mix – Meals and Grains 1kg

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DATED: 28 FEB 2018

Properly stored products are usually good well beyond their Best Before date.  Dated product has been checked and meets our quality expectations at time of sale. More info on dated products available here

Laucke Gluten Free Meals and Grains is a delicious grain style bread.

Each pack contains 2 x 500gm packs. Each pre-measured pack make a loaf of around 750gm.


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Laucke have a great range of bread mixes.  Specially selected grains and flours are used to produce reliable and simple baking mixes.  Their range of gluten free products produce great quality baking without the gluten.

Some common misspellings: Lauke, Luacke, Lauche


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