Select from our huge range of Milkshake syrups – we carry over 20 flavours… which give you almost limitless options for Milkshake flavours!

Did you even know you can get Coconut milkshake syrup? Mix this with Pineapple… and you’ve got a Pina Colada – add a little Rum syrup to complete the taste.

Milkshakes are a kiwi favourite – we grew up drooling and gaping in AWE at the MASSIVE 800ML ‘Longest Drink in Town’ milkshake cups (and we still sell them!).

Making your milkshake at home is very easy, any home blender will do it. Add 30 ml of the milkshake flavouring of your choice to 300ml of milk for quick and simple shake. But for something a little more special – add 150ml of milk, 150ml of Icecream and 30-45 ml of syrup – Delish!

Showing 1–24 of 83 results

Showing 1–24 of 83 results