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Why do businesses give confectionery to their customers?

Ever wondered why so many businesses give confectionery to their customers?

There is of course a very simple reason for this – it works.


But beyond that; how can a low valued item have such a disproportionately positive effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty?

The answer to this is also simple and relates to why people buy confectionery.

Confectionery is almost invariably an ’emotional’ purchase – we don’t buy because we need it but because we simply want it!  Have you ever bought lollies or chocolate for the ‘comfort’ value?

Confectionery is an emotional product

Much of the reason goes back to the things that delighted us in our childhood – the sights and smells and of course the tantalising tastes! We remember these things with a deep emotional connection… they conjure up feelings of joy, happiness and delight

It goes deeper than this too. In childhood and adulthood the emotions around confectionery are constantly reinforced: birthdays, lolly-scrambles, parties, Christmas, Easter eggs… It’s no surprise that Candy Buffets are so popular for weddings!

Could creating an emotional connection with your customers have a positive effect on your business?

Think of the emotions intrinsically connected with confectionery… delight, joy, happiness, excitement… also comfort, and reassurance.  Are these the kind of emotions you would like to be associated with dealing with you? Imagine if every customer left feeling just a few more of these feelings – would that impact your business? Of course it would!

Condensed from LinkedIn original – Author: Andrew Mills,  LolliesNZ