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Focusing on Customer Satisfaction

No matter what business you are in, if you have customers, you need to be measuring customer satisfaction!  It can’t be stressed enough that customer satisfaction is closely linked to business profitability.  Happy customers buy more, happy customers come back, happy customers refer their friends and colleagues.

How do you measure it?

Measuring customer satisfaction (or CSAT) can be very simple – you don’t need to subscribe to a fancy survey service, or create a post-transaction marketing campaign; it can be as simple as asking 10 customers a month, “Hey, how are we looking after you?”, and of course recording the results in a form you can track.  Split them into, “very happy, happy, neutral, unhappy” based on their comments. But please, just measure it, somehow.

Word analysis

If you already have a source of regular customer comments or feedback, depending where these are stored, you may be able to try ‘word analysis’. In it’s most basic form, this includes searching for words that indicate a customers mood. Things like “Awesome”, “Amazing”, “Thank you!”.

A very cheap hack for this – if you are only seeing these via email in Outlook, is to set up a rule to copy any incoming email with the selected words, to a specific folder – then you can go back and review these later.  See sample rule below.

Of course you can get more complex with extra filters, but that’s up to you.

Another advantage is that you can run this on emails already in your inbox… so you can get some historical metrics right now!  Segment it by month and voila! You could now have a CSAT metric for the last 12 months, and a method of measuring it!

Let us know how you get on!

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